Vending Product

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We have a broad array of products tailored to the need of each account. We carry all brands of Lays chips and our chocolate line includes all the favorites. We cater to specific tastes, so make a request!

For those who prefer a healthier snack, we also carry a wide range of granola bars, protein bars, nuts, and even soups.

We can provide a mixture of pastries and all the popular candies in our machines. At the other end of the spectrum is our Pepperettes, which are a great seller.

What is truly unique about us and what separates us from the rest, is that we personalize each vending experience for fit your needs.

Time-Out Vending also has an office coffee division a service we can offer to any client. This service can be customized to fit the needs of any new or existing account. From stir sticks, cups, and coffee filters to our premium coffee, cream, and sugar, we supply it all. Additionally, we can either maintain all inventories and invoice accordingly or, take inventory requests from you, supply the product and then invoice.