About Us

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Time-Out Vending was established in Collingwood, Ontario in 1995. Owned and operated by Joe Ralph and Kim McDermid, Time-Out is committed to going the extra mile with all our clients. To us, the key component to our success and growth is in building a relationship with each client, offering superior service, and providing a variety of product.

We feel concentrating on a small area gives our clients the benefit of prompt service and 24 hour repair and maintenance, which ensures our clients receive the vending experience they deserve. As the owners, we personally visit our accounts on a regular basis to ensure client satisfaction.

We will gladly supply references to any new clients upon request and look forward to building a relationship between Time-Out Vending and all our clients.

Time-Out Vending looks forward to hearing from you to begin building our next relationship. Thanks for dropping by and remember, "any time is snack time. "